The Hoff Convention Center Is Not Haunted

Hello RegionConners! Just a quick rumor-quash at the end of your workweek — our forums were recently buzzing like crazy about this, and both posts referenced a story about how Old Man Hoff was found hanged in the second floor Convention Center utility closet, which is why the carpet is stained in front of the door. This led to at least one potential attendee being concerned about invoking some kind of supernatural wrath.

First of all, there is no “Old Man Hoff!” The Convention Center is actually named for Edwin Hoff, a noted philanthropist and speaker. Mr. Hoff is alive and well, having tried for the past four years to block RegionCon from showing at the Hoff Convention Center.

And second, the stain on the carpet is dog blood, as attendees of RegionCon 2011 well remember. A stray mutt had wandered into the exhibit hall the night before we opened — even pups can’t resist RegionCon because it’s so doggone good!

The animal suffered a massive hemorrhage and bled out according to responding nuisance wildlife control officers.

So don’t cancel those tickets! RegionCon will be safe, hygienic fun for the whole family — and decidedly ghost-free.

UPDATE: The forum thread about the Hoff Convention Center being haunted was apparently a joke.

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RegionCon is making TIME TRAX across the web!

Better call SELMA! Dale Midkiff, who famously portrayed Captain Darien Lambert on the sci-fi series Time Trax, tweeted at RegionCon! And his gracious response has our hearts racing into infinity like one of the time-criminals his character tracked down and brought to justice!

We’ll keep our faithful RegionConites up to date on this major celebrity situation as it develops!

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MODOK Party Cancelled

Saturday night’s RegionCon “MODOK” gathering has been cancelled. Here’s organizer Ben Tufts:

The “‘Make-Outs Designed Only for Kissing’ Post-Show Face Jam” has sadly been cancelled after the final word came down from the doctor about my flareup. Right now my sores have got Valtrex on the ropes — my medication is basically outnumbered. High viral load. If anyone is still in town around the 17th, we can reschedule.

Bummer news, Ben. On the bright side, there are plenty of other Saturday night event offerings, including the Epic Hallway Hangout Presented By Omega Blue Toys and Comics, which will convene in the Floor 2 Nap Area.

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Men’s Room Closures: Update

Thanks for your patience, everyone — we’ve finally received word back from the convention center staff regarding the men’s room closures that will be affecting your toilet-going experience the weekend of RegionCon.

Men’s restrooms that will not be in service:

  • Floor 1: all
  • Floor 2: all
  • Floor 3: all
  • Floor 4: northwest hallway (both men’s rooms)
  • Most low-flow urinals
  • Handicapped-accessible: all

Unfortunately, when checking to see if some women’s rooms could be temporarily converted, we discovered the convention center has none.

To “relieve” the matter as best we can, we’ve put in an order for four (4) portapotties to be on the grounds during convention hours. This rental will be expensive, so if you’d like to chip in, bring your donation dollars to the Volunteer Room and we’ll add your name to our “Friends of the Toilet” listing here on the website.

We ap-pee-ciate it!

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3-Day Passes Still Available!

Hello RegionConites,

We’re excited to announce that 3-Day passes are still available to the general public! In fact, all the 3-day passes are still available. Each one of them. We have 1,000 and we have sold precisely zero. So if you’re interested in three full days at the gorgeous Hoff Convention Center luxuriating in the finest anime, comics, horror, sci-fi, TV and movie experience, you can grab your passes at our Ticketing page!

Also still available: single-day passes, two-day passes, and single-hour NightPasses

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Food Court Open During Lawsuit

Good news! Food and Drug Administration v. SysFoods Commissary Solutions will not interrupt food court services in the Hoff Convention Center during RegionCon!  The food court is scheduled to be closed for investigation one week afterwards.

If you’d still prefer to go off-site, nearby dining options include a farmer’s market, the vending machine at the car wash, and a Chili’s To Go that did not close when the airport did.

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